On/Off Road Diesel Delivery

On/Off Road Diesel Delivery

Depending on the volume of your businesses’ needs, Kent County Oil Service, Inc. will deliver Premium Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel to your job site or business.



Used primarily to fuel equipment and vehicles that DO NOT operate on our roads or highways. We are happy to deliver to job sites and construction sites. Our delivery options are flexible.


Used to fuel commercial, light duty diesel trucks and tractor trailers that are driven on our roads and highways. No fleet is too large or too small, any size can be handled by Kent County Oil Service, Inc. We will deliver to your storage tank or individual pieces of equipment which will maximize your drivers productivity by eliminating driving to and from fueling stations.


We have the capability to fuel many types of marine boats from luxury pleasure yachts to commercial vessels.  Kent County Oil Service, Inc. purchases marine diesel direct from the terminal which insures you are getting the best quality and product available.  We understand your boat is a big investment. We will cater to refueling your vessel dockside with our experienced and meticulously trained drivers. We are fully licensed and insured.

On/Off Road Diesel Delivery
On/Off Road Diesel Delivery


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