Heating Oil


We are committed to offering the cleanest, most advanced home heating oil on the market. As a result of our heating oil burning cleaner, it improves the performance and extends the life of your burner and storage tank. We only deliver the highest quality of Premium Ultra Low Sulfur home heating oil. Our customers have two options for heating oil delivery, Will-Call and Automatic-Delivery.


Will-Call allows the customer to manage and order their home heating oil as needed. We ask our Will-Call customers to kindly order when their fuel gauge is at ¼ tank to ensure prompt delivery in the winter months.


Automatic-Delivery customers has Kent County Oil Service, Inc. take all responsibilities to ensure your home will never run out of oil. When your tank is low, a delivery is automatically scheduled. We monitor this carefully so our automatic home heating oil delivery customers can put their minds at ease. Most importantly there is no extra charge for automatic-delivery and you are always guaranteed our lowest daily price.


Kerosene is used for heating many mobile homes and commercial heaters throughout Rhode Island. We offer delivery directly to your indoor or outdoor fuel tank.

Call 401-738-8600 or contact us for all of your home heating oil delivery needs.  We proudly service our Rhode Island ( RI ) customers.

Heating Oil

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